I'm a singer/songwriter in Manchester, TN. I have been playing guitar and singing since 1992. I've been writing poetry and music since 1997. My brother, Tommy Lee Yealock, and I have co-written songs and performed together. For a short time we had a contemporary christian band named Not Of Ourselves and we played mostly church revivals, youth gatherings, and special events.

I was most inspired to pick up a guitar and sing because my Mom (Linda Yealock) and my Dad (Tommy Yealock) have always been musical. Additionally, my love for REM's music caused me to want to play and sing; as well as countless adventures "up yonder" at my Aunt and Uncle's house (Audray and Beverly) where music was played on into the night on many occasions as we all grew up. It is a tradition we still try to carry on.

I am married to a wonderful man named David Cappama and we have three children Roz, Cassie and Charly. Although Roz is from a previous marriage, you wouldn't know the difference. lol We enjoy hiking, sports, video games, movies, board games, family gatherings, music, reading and much more.

I am a full-time mom, a student and a part-time LPN at A+ Medical. I absolutely love my job. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I strive every day to be the person I think God wants me to be; but I also know that I am not alone and it cannot be done without His help.


Original Titles:


After All You've Done

The Song the Bird Sings

Out of Egypt

Reasons for Believing

Lay It Down

Jesus Is

Don't You Know that Heaven is Real (Linda Yealock)

Tommy's Song (Linda Yealock)

I Won't Stop Praying (Linda Yealock)

Praise You ( my family helped with this one)

Is that so Hard (to Believe)

All That Matters to Me

Chasing Babies

I Won't Let You Go


I am NOT above doing cover songs; as they get lots of attention, participation from an audience, and its just plain fun to sing your favorite songs! lol

I have many songs and/or poems that have yet to be set to music. Hopefully, with some inspiration from fellow musicians and songwriters, I can change that and write even more. :)

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