The Celtic is a beautiful establishment! Delicious coffee and great fun to play there. Let's see: I met Rich and another really nice guy (seems there's always someone whose name escapes me lol), then Shawn, Kathy, James, Larry, and Shelia were there. Lots of talent and fun last night!!!! Roz even got up and sang 'Out of Egypt' with me?!?!?! I was soo proud. I am really enjoying the songwriter's circle. The experience is helping me calm my performing nerves down; although, I am still very nervous performing my own music and mess up playing the guitar as a result. BUT, it is definitely getting better,... I think. :) lol Additionally, the inspiration to keep writing is fantastic. The more I play and hear other members the more inspired I am to write. Shawn bought another new guitar called a Trinity Luna and it was a beautiful guitar. I got to play it because my poor Ibanez will not pick up in any of the PA systems we have used in the circle. boo. Time for some guitar shopping or to schedule an operation for my ibanez to get an active pickup. Hmmm? What to do?