Hi. Last friday was the 4th anniversary celebration at The Brew in Manchester. There was qute a gathering! Lots of new songwriters and even a few first-timers at TSC. Beautiful music, fun, and laughter, always a good time! :) I performed 2 songs but didnt feel comfortable with the new song; maybe next time. I had fun but I have to say I am still very uncomfortable on the stage. It's funny how the enviornment makes such a difference. I have no trouble performing in a relaxing place like at home or at a friend's house; even if there's a gathering. I am sure that if I attended more gatherings and practiced more that I'd probably find a way to overcome that feeling. Thanks everyone for your support! I write for God and sing for God; so I guess I should only be worried about how He feels about my music. :) God Bless and Merry Christmas guys!