So the new coffee shop in town is open and its called The Brew. Shawn called and wanted to know if Tommy and I would play on the Saturday the 24th from 6 to 9pm. We excitedly agreed. I had no idea that the owner Rebecca was the same girl I worked with at Manchester Health Care. ??? Small world isnt it? Excitedly, Tommy and I met at The Brew for pictures so that Rebecca can advertise the event. It was SOOOOO much fun. I love my brother and I love writing with him and its soo cool for us to be performing our music together! She said she'd make us sign a picture and she's gonna put it up on the wall like we are a local celebrity or something. :D How cool is that? I've written a couple new songs and Tommy says he's working on one so practice, practice, practice until we play. :) Also, I accepted a new job at Vanderbilt and will be open in the evenings and weekends again to do things. I'm excited about the opportunity for many reasons. I won't miss nearly as many of the gatherings! Thanks for all the love and support!